About the game & The Next World Police and Fireman Games in 2019


In August 2013 we welcomed 7,000 competitors from 67 countries for the World Police & Fire Games (WPFG), the third largest international multi-sport event in the world and the largest sporting event to ever take place in Northern Ireland.


The WPFG is a biennial event for serving and retired police, fire, prison and border security officers comprising a wide range of individual and team sports. it was established by and organisation called the World Police & Fire Games Federation, based in San Diego, California.

It was a massive coup for Northern Ireland to win the right to stage the Games as it involved a very competitive process with numerous other cities bidding against Belfast. Indeed the 2013 event was the first time that they were hosted on the British Isles and only the third time in their 28 year history that they were hosted in Europe.

A company (2013 World Police & Fire Games Ltd) was set up to deliver the event. It was overseen by a Board of Directors Chaired by Deputy Chief Constable Judith Gillespie, including representatives from partner organisations including DCAL, PSNI, NIPS, NIFRS, Belfast City Council, NITB and Sport NI, plus three independent nominees.

The Games was also privileged to have Dame Mary Peters acting as its Patron. Dame Mary’s tireless support and enthusiasm helped raise the profile of the Games and gave it credibility locally with people who had never heard of WPFG.


The Games captured the imagination of the Northern Irish public and proved to be a massive success. Almost every event was open to the public and free of charge. This was widely promoted, and as a result there were unprecedented numbers of spectators attending the events. The ice hockey competition alone, which took place in the Odyssey Arena and Dundonald Ice Bowl, had over 50,000 spectators through the turnstiles.

The support of the local population, helped enormously by the fantastic enthusiasm of the WPFG volunteer team, helped generate an electric atmosphere at WPFG venues.


The WPFG Volunteer Programme, managed by Volunteer Now on behalf of 2013 WPFG, resulted in the largest collection of volunteers ever for an event in Northern Ireland.


The overall aim of the company set up to deliver the event was to host the ‘friendliest Games ever’ and this was achieved. In fact the President of the World Police & Fire Games Federation, Mike Graham, confirmed at the Closing Ceremony that in his opinion Belfast had not only hosted the friendliest Games, but had also delivered the best Games ever.

The Next Games

The next Games for 2017 have unfortunately cancelled.  Please visit for more information.

The next World Police and Fire Games for 2019 will be held in

July 28th – August 6th, 2019


Water sports are no doubt a great fun for thrill seekers of all sizes. No matter, you are a first timer or surfing for more than a decade now, be sure to equip yourself cap-a-pie with all the possible protections against harmful effects of the water including possibly silicone ear plugs. Wearing a wet suit might not be all that you need as a ready-to-go-pro surfer. It’s time to protect your other parts too, especially your water sensitive and reactive ears. However, this article will take you through the best surfing silicone ear plugs and other types, for a safe surfing experience.
surfers ear plugs silicone

Surfing ear plugs – do they work?

Recommended by the physicians and expert surfers globally, these plugs are the best choices when spending prolonged hours on the waves. They don’t just safeguard your ears against water, but also minimize the hearing disruptions. Engineered with the best-in-class technologies, these plugs come in different types, sizes and shapes to suit the bespoke needs of every surfer. They are light, and always snug without a single inconvenience, especially silicone ear plugs.
Heard about the surfer’s ear or exostosis? It’s a growth of bones in the ears, which happens in many surfers due to their prolonged contact with the water.
Fear not, the best surfing silicone ear plugs and other types can easily safeguard you against this mishap.

Surfers ear plugs:

All surfers ear protection plugs are now widely available everywhere. If you want to get one pair for yourself, it’s just a click away. They can vary in types and promises. For ex. PVC or PU made foam plugs easily get compressed into the canals and expanded to a good sealing protection.
But silicone ear plugs are mainly rolled into balls to create a custom fit for external coverage of the ear canal. These types of ear protections are rapidly gaining the eyes of the surfers due to their improved acoustic comfort and cutting edged water control mechanism.
However, if you want more choices and options, the following review aims to serve your purpose like no other. Here are the 5 best surfing ear plugs handpicked for your great buys as they claim to custom fit ears, ages and pockets of all sizes.

Surf ear plugs – 5 best types

So, here we go for a look inside the 5 best types of ear plugs for surfers…..

1> Thermoshape Earplugs

To start, these types of ear plugs are designed with flexible and tender thermoshape material and fit in the ears of aqua enthusiasts of all sizes. So, get ready to say goodbye to water, air and cold as this one-size-fits-all ear plugs prevent water from penetrating your ears immunizing you against infections and problems like surfer’s ear and others. These types premium quality ear plugs come with special filters to let you hear all conversations and ambient sounds.

thermoshape ear plugs for surfing

What’s more, these 100% silicone-free plugs have a small opening that can snugly fit your ears, giving your eardrums the maximum protection even during a fall in the water.

Best Features:

  • > Made from soft silicone free thermoshape material
  • > Special filter
  • > Water, cold and wind proof
  • > One-size-fits-all
  • > Minimum damping of sound
  • > Safeguards against infections, including surfer’s ear
  • > Prevents tearing of eardrum
  • > Zero irritating to skin
  • > Some come with storage pouches

2> Organic TPE Ear Plugs

Designed to give your ears a protective coverage against water and not sound, these types of TPE ear plugs are scientifically engineered to give you the maximum hearing comfort. Made from ultra soft organic materials, they are 100% allergy free and washable too. You can neatly fit them into your ear canal for fine tuning your surfing balance, equilibrium and protection against exostosis.
Some of these types, even come with removable leash, clip and mini hard storage case to prevent loss. What’s more, you can get ready for an optimized surfing experience as the removable advanced acoustic filter of these accessories will custom fit your requirement way better than the regular plugs.
Best Features:
  • > Tailored fit for custom comfort
  • > 100% allergy free
  • > Made of organic TPE material
  • > Ultra soft and comfortable
  • > Advanced acoustic filter optimized
  • > Does not block sound
  • > Different sizes available
  • > Leash and clips are optional

3> Vented Ear Plugs

Internationally recommended by the ENTs and the aqua athletes, these types of hypoallergenic and ultra soft ear plugs walk the extra miles to take care of your sensitive eardrums while surfing, especially when the water pressure changes abruptly. Most of them generally have a warm sack of air to help keep the water out from penetrating the canal, protect you against erosion of your delicate skin and cold exposure, and enhance your acoustic comfort.

vented silicone ear plugs

Made of plastic floats, these plugs can give a good protection against ear pains, water flushing or even the surfer’s ear issue by keeping your ear neatly dry down to 20 feet. in the water.

What’s more, some of these vented plugs are specially engineered with Scott’s valve technology to aid easy equalization.

Best Features:

  • > Fits well into the auricle for safety
  • > Doesn’t block canal
  • > Scott’s valve aides equalization at different levels of depth
  • > Protects ears against random pressure changes
  • > Best for sensitive eardrums
  • > Prevents ear pains and exostotis

4> High Functional Earplugs with Hydrophobic Coating on Mesh

These high quality and superior ear plugs are skyrocketing the list of the global surfers and water buffs now. These high functional accessories don’t just make a perfect seal against water, cold, wind, bacteria and other contaminants, but ensure zero sound discrepancy and a flawless balance needed in most of the aqua sports, including surfing. An extended sound canal made with hydrophobic coating makes room for your better hearing ability and amazing sound isolating capacity even under the water. Available in various sizes, these waterproof plugs are extremely easy donning and doffing.
silicone ear plugs for sleeping
What’s more, these professional types of plugs come with an improved gel or ear bud designs to fit in your ears with many points, and hence have less chances to hang loose from the ears.
Best Features:
  • > Soft, comfortable and zero fuss use
  • > Sizes available
  • > Water proof
  • > Protects against water, wind and dirt bacteria away
  • > Enhanced sound canal with hydrophobic coating
  • > Acoustic mesh
  • > Fixation wing
  • > Superior noise manipulation
  • > Tight and tacky grip
  • > Multi purpose usage
  • > Portable case available

5> Silicone Moulded Ear Plugs

Immaculately engineered to keep the water at bay, silicone plugs are the best sellers now. Specially tailored to fit both your ears, some even come with the highest quality unique Flex stem and triple-flange layout to increase your wearing comfort and water resistance capacity while you surf. Experience minimum hearing-knock with these pairs as they don’t block noise much, but only water, giving you zero uneasiness in the group of surfers and preventing diseases like surfer’s ear.
Some silicone plugs also let you adjust the depth of setting at varying levels for better comfort. Wash, reuse, but put them in the carrying case for a long shelve life. These plugs don’t deteriorate like others easily.
Best Features:
  • > Durable
  • > High quality design
    > Locked-in-fit for better safety
  • > Has a flex stem
    > Triple-flange lay out
    > Ultra soft and ultra comfortable
    > Pre-molded Silicone
    > Extended wear capacity
  • > 100% Silicon
    > Custom fit for both the ears
    > Hollow stem ensures the acoustic accuracy to the maximum possible extent
    > Storage case available
    > Comes in many colors
    > Aids prevent surfer’s ear

Surf silicone ear plugs:

Coming to the SURFING SILICONE EAR PLUGS, you just can’t afford to miss the DreamHeaven noise cancelling ear plugs, the best accessory that fits all purposes, especially while you are exposed to rough and cold air or water.

Made of silicone, these plugs can guarantee the best noise control when properly inserted into the ears. Surfers with air sensitivities should look no further, but grab these pairs for their highest NRR reduction.

silicone ear plugs

Let’s take a quick look inside some of its stunning features…
  • > 100% noise blocking up to 30 DB
  • > An ergonomic design with soft, moulded silicone to custom fit all types of ears
  • > Painless
  • > Don’t fall
  • > Lay flat
  • > Versatile noise sealer for multipurpose usage
  • > A sleep mask is available with the pack of 2 earplugs
noise canceling silicone ear plugs
The best thing about this ear protection accessory is, you can use them both inside and outside the water, including offices, library, airports and home where you need some quiet time.
While the above mentioned SURFING SILICONE EAR PLUGS and other types are religiously skimmed off the top recommendations, ratings and reviews, there are still many that can give you a fitting end while surfing. Select them based on their stunning grips, state-of-the-art features, superior safety controls, and most importantly the manufacturer guarantee. So, choose, compare and shop a pair of ear plugs today and use on your next surfing adventure. Playing safe with your ears could not be any better.

How Athletes Have Benefited From Yoga Teacher Training in the Past

When I was first considering taking a yoga teacher training in Vancouver, one nervous hesitation kept ringing through my head: “Is it even possible for me to sit still, cross-legged on a yoga mat for 10 hours a day?” I had been practicing yoga for about a year and frequently joked that, for me, “easy pose” was the hardest pose. Imagine yoga teacher training vancouver! It was also particularly intimidating living in Canada, namely where Vancouver Yoga practitioners are everywhere and are excellent at making you feel really uncomfortable with their exquisite poses! Even Yin Yoga is intimidating here in Vancouver Downtown! Sheesh!

Yoga Teacher training Vancouver

Rewind my story back about 2 and half years and you’d find me down in Boston, running my fifth marathon. Back then, I didn’t even stretch my legs much less attend yoga classes. In hindsight, it’s not surprising that my hips, quads, hamstrings, and calves were extremely tight. I needed to sit on a large bolster and use blocks to support my knees to be comfortable sitting in easy pose.

Still, it shook me a little to think that my supposedly healthy hobbieslike distance running and cyclingwere throwing my body so out of balance. It got me wondering whether I could heal my body through yoga and whether I could someday maintain harmony by combining a yoga practice in Vancouver with other sports I love. It got me curious about how athletes have benefited from yoga in the past.

Yoga Teacher Training and Athletes

In the world of professional sports, one of the most well-known athletes to publicize the benefits of yoga for his career is American basketball player LeBron James. His integration of yoga into his pre-game practice drew attention last year through an Instagram video that shows him balancing on inflatable yoga bubbles while simultaneously tossing around basketballs.

Yoga and Injury

As with many athletes, it was the onset of injury that first prompted James to explore the potential healing benefits of a physical yoga practice. He was purportedly suffering from back spasms that he became able to manage and alleviate through yoga. This really got me excited to undertake yoga teacher training vancouver.

Injury is a common issue faced by athletes: practicing a sport requires making the same movements over and over again, leading the involved muscles to become strong in comparison to lesser used muscles. When such a strength imbalance occurs between the muscles controlling a given jointsuch as the ankle, knee, or hipthat joint’s movement becomes limited. Continuing to stress the joint through intense physical activity while its range of motion is reduced can lead to injury.

The physical practice of yoga can mitigate the risk of injury by lengthening tight muscles and by strengthening muscles not frequently used through regular athletic training. Given the large range of muscles used during a well-rounded yoga practice, it’s not surprising to hear many argue that yoga can benefit athletes of any sport. Overall improvements to strength, flexibility, balance, and agility are examples of potential benefits.

Yoga teacher Training Vancouver and the Mind

Returning once more to our blog poster child for inspiration, Lebron, a yoga teacher training vancouver, has been quoted as saying: “Yoga isn’t just about the body, it’s also about the mind and it’s a technique that has really helped me.”

Indeed, visualization techniques have been used by elite athletes for decades as a way to enhance performance. These mental techniques can be completed as part of training, without even needing to move the body. Basketball players might visualize themselves holding the right body position, releasing the ball correctly, and making the perfect shot. Distance runners might visualize themselves making it across the finish line. With modern science, sports psychologists have been able to evaluate the effects of these techniques on athletic performance. More broadly speaking, the practice of focused concentrationor Dharanahas long been recognized as foundational to yoga; it is one of the 8 limbs of yoga described in Patanjali’s Sutras, which date back to around the year 400.

Yoga for Stress Management

A growing area of research is on the effects of yoga on the nervous system, which includes application to stress management. This is relevant to high performance athletes who need to balance the demands of intensive training schedules against competing priorities like school and relationships. Athletes may also struggle with performance anxiety when required to perform in front of an audience or television camera. Even at an amateur level, I can relate as I recall those “pre-race jitters” I felt lining up at the start of a road race.

At a basic level, different yoga forms and breathing techniques can affect the nervous system in different ways. One part of the nervous system is called the autonomic nervous system: it is responsible for controlling bodily functions that are not consciously directed, such as your breathing, heartbeat, and digestive processes. Through yogic techniques, people can consciously change their breathing or affect bodily functions by holding different physical positions. In so doing, different modes of the autonomic nervous system can be activated.

For example, by folding forward so that your head hangs physically lower than your heart, you may activate the parasympathetic nervous system functions which generally help us to “rest and digest” during relaxation. These are in contrast to the sympathetic nervous system functions which control the “fight, flight, or freeze” response to stress. With practice, coming into a forward fold (or other inversion) could be a tactic for helping to create and experience a sense of relaxation. Certain breathing techniques, such as left-nostril breathing, may have the same effect. For athletes, these techniques may be used to stay calm even during the intense stresses of training and competitions.

Yoga Teacher training for All

As for me, after being convinced I would be able to lie down, stretch out, sit against a wall, or do whatever was needed to get me through a month-long intensive yoga teacher training program, I decided to go for it. I’m so grateful I did, as the Vancouver Yoga Teacher training program at Karma Teachers opened up a whole new world of yoga for me, far beyond the limitations of my current physical conditions. I’ve come to see that labelling myself as an athlete, a runner, or even as a yogi doesn’t really matter, as long as I’m moving in alignment with my truest self. And while I’ve learned that extraordinary physical abilities aren’t requirements for yoga teacher training vancouver, I do now believe that flexibility of the mind and openness of the heart are key.  

Games Legacy

WPFG is more than a sporting event and the Games will leave a lasting legacy as a result of extensive Services engagement in the community, with schools and with young people. There were many legacy projects instigated before and during the Games. Below are just a few examples of the main projects.


A WPFG Education Pack was designed by teachers as a free resource for schools. It included lesson plans linked to the revised curriculum for pupils at Key Stages 2 and 3. An Irish language version was also developed, and these packs were distributed to every school in Northern Ireland.

A WPFG ‘roadshow’ was also developed in partnership with Sport NI. It travelled across the country and engaged with 8,260 children in the run up to the event.


One other notable legacy project developed in partnership with Games sponsor HeartSine Technologies, involves 45 Games-time defibrillators which were donated to schools across Northern Ireland. This equipment will ensure local schoolchildren from 45 schools are protected from the devastating condition, Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

Read more here, including a full list of the schools that benefitted.


The WPFG Volunteer Programme, managed by Volunteer Now on behalf of 2013 WPFG, resulted in the largest collection of volunteers ever for an event in Northern Ireland. Read more about the WPFG volunteers.


Three official charity partners were also selected in order to benefit from the Games. Partners included the NI Cancer Fund for Children, SOS Bus and the Special Educational Needs Advice Centre (SENAC).


As part of the WPFG Legacy Programme, a boxing exhibition was commissioned telling the story of Northern Ireland’s boxing history, and this will be permanently located in the Ulster Hall.


One of the original objectives of the Games when they were first established was to increase participation in sport. Amongst the 7,000 WPFG competitors in 2013 were 826 Northern Irish competitors. This figure includes a wide range of competitors of all ages and abilities. At the end of the Games, Team Northern Ireland finished fifth overall in the medal table with 270 medals including 102 gold, 85 silver and 83 bronze.

It is hoped that the increased participation in sport amongst local emergency services personnel will be coupled with increased physical activity amongst young people inspired by the Games. Many thousands of school children spectated at WPFG events where taking part was just as important as winning.


WPFG showcased Northern Ireland’s excellent sporting facilities, with the 41 sporting venues spread across the country. The fact that NI was awarded the event undoubtedly helped persuade local decision makers to invest significant sums in a number of new and refurbished facilities such as the Mary Peters Track, Bangor Aurora, Kilbroney MTB Park and Queen’s Sport Upper Malone.


Hosting the WPFG provided a much needed boost to the local economy and, in particular, the hotel, hospitality and retail sectors. It will have longer term economic benefits as a result of the tourism legacy, with return visits and word of mouth helping boost this growing sector. In addition, the success of the event, along with other recent large scale events, will stand Northern Ireland in good stead as it bids to attract future international sporting and other events.

The event also captured the imagination of the private sector, with more than 30 sponsors contributing over £1.6 million to be involved and associated with the event. There were eight Platinum Sponsors including Coca-Cola HBC, Deloitte, Danske Bank, Fujitsu, Food NI, Diageo, Translink and Kukri Sports. For details of all the 2013 sponsors, visit the sponsors page.

Vancouver Real Estate Prices Skyrocketed Following 2010 Olympics

When people think of Vancouver they think instantly of its world famous quality of life. The city is always winning awards for liveability. One thing it certainly won’t be winning any awards for however is affordability. Following the Canadian 2010 Olympics prices have gone through the roof. According to Richard Morrison, Vancouver Realtor from Strawhomes, “the average sale price of a detached home in the Vancouver in 2016 was $1,830,000, an increase of more than 40% on the previous year.” But is it just the Olympics that is to blame for vancouver bc real estate skyrocketing prices? Or are there other factors playing an equally important role?

The obvious answer to that question would seem to be: No.

The Olympics were not a decisive turning point in the real estate market of Vancouver, and did not send prices through the roof. They certainly had a palpable ripple effect in the renting prices of condominiums and other properties while they were being held and for the months before and after, but we need to look at long term home sale prices, not short term rental.

The statistics show that in 2008 and 2010 the percentages of Vancouver homes for sale sold in the city for more than $1,000,000 read 39% and 40% respectively. Then in 2012 the number of houses sold for more than a cool million dollars jumped, to 55%. If more than half of the city is being valued at over a million dollars, that is not an affordable city.

But were the Olympics really to blame for this huge increase in Vancouver homes for sale prices?

The 2006 statistics according to Richard Morrison show that only 19% of the houses sold went for over a million, while the 2014 ones show that 59% of the houses sold that year broke the benchmark. So the pattern seems to have been in place before the Olympics, and continue after it. The statistics for 2016 shockingly show that 91% of Vancouver homes for sale are being sold for over the magic million and while we dont have this year’s numbers yet, we can predict they will look pretty similar. Blame the Olympics or not, the truth of the matter is that prices for Vancouver homes for sale have reached absolute record highs.

So why exactly have Vancouver real estate prices been driven so high?

Although the whole world is interested in investing in Canada, and investment has risen significantly over recent years, it is the Chinese investment in the country that has really turned heads. If you drive down a street in suburban Vancouver right now, chances are you will see real estate adverts in two languages. Bilingual signs may have been the norm in some parts of Canada for a long time, but not ones with Chinese lettering right next to the latin.

But why is all the money coming from China?

Well it seems that the 3,600,000 millionaires from the Asian nation are mightily aware of the political situation in their country and how it affects their standing. They live under a regime where at any point any man may be denounced as an enemy of the state, and would have all of his assets seized. Chinese investors are looking at Canada as a safe place to park their money.

It is not only the Chinese political situation that could be seen as volatile, but also their housing market. In the city of Shenzhen last year house prices rose a whopping 60%. However it would seem that Chinese attempts to escape that bubble are simply bringing the same effect to the North American continent. Canada may be staring down the barrel of the same gun.

Although Vancouver and its unprecedentedly high rise in home prices is the most famous and obvious, Chinese investors have also bought up land on the remote coast of Novia Scotia, or abandoned mining towns in British Colombia. Just why is a closely guarded secret, but it is having a noted effect on the home prices of the whole nation. Taken that in consideration in the world of best real estate games, this is a good place to invest!

No-one is really sure how much the Chinese are investing in any one place, but estimates state that they could be collectively investing over $1 trillion dollars overseas every year. It is possible that as much as $12 billion of those dollars are being invested every year in Vancouver’s real estate market. A number which has obviously helped push the housing market up to its current, record proportions.

What about Vancouver condos?

But is it completely fair to put the incredible increase in Vancouver home prices down to faceless Chinese investors buying abandoned towns and coastline? A look at the statistics show that vancouver condos, apartments and attached Vancouver real estate and detached homes all rose at around the same rates between 2002 and 2010. The average price rose significantly, from $200,000 to $500,000 for anything apart from a detached home. Detached Vancouver real estate are where we see the real skyrocketing in prices in Vancouver home for sale. Vancouver condos were not an exception to the rule

The average detached home at the time of the 2010 Olympics would have set you back about $1,000,000, but today that same house would cost you almost double. In the same time period prices in the markets for other home types remained about the same.

So why the huge skyrocket in prices in detached homes for sale in Vancouver?

It would seem for the answer to this question we need to look back at the Chinese. This time not the millionaire investors however, but the average Chinese family moving not just their money to Canada, but their whole lives. Growing communities of minorities already established make it easier for more and more to follow suit and move their lives to the western world. One study found that as much as 66% of the property sold in Vancouver was sold to anglicized Chinese names. The pattern is clear for homes for sale in Vancouver.

So why have the prices of homes for sale in Vancouver skyrocketed since the 2010 Olympics?

It would seem that any connection between the two is more of a coincidence than a real cause or effect relationship. Instead, to learn why we must look to the world famous quality of life that is attracting more and more families from around the world to come and experience it for themselves. Its not the billionaire businessmen trying to buy out the city driving the prices so high, but the average working man hoping to live in it.

Best Real Estate Games

Aside from sporting games, everyone likes a little board game and online games for those raining days! So here are 5 of the best real estate games free out there. Are you looking for the best real estate games that will keep you entertained and busy as you await your next schedule? Well, look no more I have exactly what you are looking for.

Below is a list of five of the best real estate games you will never find anywhere else but her. The best thing about these games is that they boost your thinking faculty and enhance your efficiency in problem-solving. They also entertain you, making sure that you are in the best of moods. These are just beside stimulating your brain while boosting your concentration levels and enhancing your memory. But they can also teach you a lot of knowledge.

Here are 5 of the Best Real Estate Games


This is undoubtedly the largest and biggest mobile tycoon on the planet.

Features that make the game worth your interest.
The landlord real estate tycoon game has an infinite number of venues that exceed fifty million! Yes, over fifty million, that can be bought in the gam. Being among the most famous mobile games in the market, LANDLORD boasts of over five million downloads and is played in almost every country in the world. The Tycoon game has a five-star rating, a clear indication that customers are fully satisfied with the services. The developers also promise to keep working on the game to make more efficient for all users, and I can confidently tell you that that is not just an empty promise.

How to play this real estate game.
Asa beginner, you are awarded $5000 to buy and sell with Here, you have a chance of fully experiencing the world of capitalism and you are required to sell, buy and earn money while rising above the ranks to become the best capitalist in the structure.


This game is not only a monopoly game, it is also a quite engaging game.

Why choose real estate empire 3?
The game’s simulations are well explained making it an ideal game for short plays, an estimation of about fifteen minutes or less.

How to play this real estate game.
Like LANDLORD, the real estate empire game gives you an adventurous experience of a capitalist in an economy, although it mostly deals with houses in the neighborhood. Here, you make an effort of buying the houses at a lower rate then resell them at a relatively higher rate to make profit. Generally the game is divided into several turns, with a single turn being a representation of a single game month. The demo contains twelve turns whereas the full game has one hundred and twenty turns, that is, exactly ten months of game time

You assign a profession to your character of choice (either a contractor or a realtor), then you start purchasing and selling properties on a neighborhood map with houses ranging from lowbrow trailers to mansions. You compete with four other opponents for similar deals.


This is an amazing game that has that, AO Just one more game’ quality. It grants you the ability to purchase, sell and trade in digitized properties all over the world. Here, you set up your own real estate empire that has real places and it gives you the chance to collect rent when people visit those places.

Why you need this game.

The Dounut Trumpet Tycoon game aims at enhancing your real estate empire experience to a worldwide level building the value of your empire on a daily basis.

How to play this real estate game
You load places in the app by clicking on AO Buy Properties’. You only buy properties in your vicinity. Each moment you have a visitor (visiting your property from the real world), you collect rent because of the digital footprint they leave behind. However, costs apply on a daily basis despite the rent earned. You rank higher given the value of your properties. Sale of properties owned by you does not have an impact on your value, rent or prices in that venue.

Properties are priced with regard to property category and the expected number of visitors. As such, the value of your property indirectly proportional to its popularity. Cash limits apply on each level, upwardly trending as the level rises. This is one of the best real estate games out there in our opinion!


This monopoly game was designed by businessman Robert Kiyosaki to reinforce what he writes about in his books.

Why you need this best real estate game.
According to, The game is an essential tool for learning basic financial strategies and principles in accountancy. This is especially ideal for business minded individuals who wish to expand their knowledge.

How to play Cashflow 101 real estate game 
This game has a board that contains two tracks, a Rat Race and a Fast Track. The small circle (Rat Race) only requires you to roll a single die to advance to the next level. You are paid upon successfully passing the Paycheck space and then allowed to draw a single card from the four decks of cards as per your landing space. However, beware not to run out of cash. The Fast Track requires you to roll double dice to advance to the next stag. Player sheets are also available to players, allowing them to exercise on how to fill out financial statements appropriately. The player chooses from different beginner careers and complete financial sheets. Cards landed and information derived from different investments is used to update the financial sheets.


The game allows the player to get richer by purchasing many city’s real estate including the world renowned Vancouver real estate market.

This is a very exciting game that enables you to sharpen your real estate skills.

How to play this real estate game.
You but at least a single slum house to get started. After purchasing the slum house, you employ a maintenance worker and a manager This you do by clicking on the grey button on each column, then wait for the month to end and collect your rent. The more money you earn the more slum houses you can buy and consequently, the more maintenance and management staff you need. With increased income from your monthly collections, you can acquire better and better properties. You will most likely get to a point where you feel you have made enough money and prospects are no longer increasing, you may decide to retire, resetting to 0 properties.

I hope you enjoyed this post about some of the best real estate games out there! Each of them come with their own spin on things, just like the real life game of real estate!

Henrik Hansen – Copenhagen Fire Department

You all did an excellent job at the Games! I’ve been participating in the World Police & Fire Games since 1999 and I have never been to one that was so well organised. Even the smallest detail was taking care of, so well done everyone!!

Henrik at Belvoir Park Golf Club

I was competing in the Golf competition and I asked to be switched to another team so I could share transport with my fellow countrymen going to the different courses. I wasn’t sure if it would be possible so I I went along to the course I was going to play on the first round. But they managed to switch me to another course and a volunteer drove me in her own car to it…….that was a FANTASTIC gesture!

All the things lined up before the Opening Ceremony was fantastic. I was even interviewed live on BBC Radio. What an experience..! Your Opening Ceremony was fabulous; I was entertained from the very first minute and everyone was taken by storm with all the different singers, dancers and performances.
In the centre of Belfast, the red-shirted volunteers could be seen all over the city; there was no chance of getting lost!! I could go on forever, but choose to stop here. Thanks again for a fantastic job……the next host cities really have to look at your engagement and commitment Belfast!

Ashley Ricci – NYPD

Well, Belfast was a blast! The highlight of my experience was being able to play with athletes from across the world; I played Women’s Rugby 7s and our team was made up from a compilation of different countries. We had players from the US; from California and Rochester, but we also had two Australian players, two Dutch players and one player from Northern Ireland.
Our teammate from Northern Ireland played locally at Carrickfergus Rugby Club and organised a friendly match there for Team Canada, so I got a chance to play a local team as well as play in the Games which was a very cool bonus!
I was able to grab some sightseeing in between all the rugby. I went to Bushmills Whiskey Distillery and had a great time there! Other than that, I played a ton and took home the Bronze medal in rugby!
Now that I am back home, I am trying to build a program for NYPD women’s rugby to enter a team in the next Games!

Egor Iakovlev Chelyabinsk – Russian Federal Bailiffs Service

It’s been a little over two months since we came back from the Games but to this day we still have this cheerful spirit; we are always in the great mood, telling all of our friends about our amazing trip and celebrating the big win!

Belfast is an incredible city; very beautiful, with lots of green parks, amazing architecture, friendly people, interesting tours and fun bars, which let us not only to compete in the great setting but also have an unforgettable vacation with family.

The colourful Opening Ceremony, perfect organisation of the whole competition, amazing helpful volunteers all created a comforting and very welcoming feeling from the beginning through to the very last day.

Being in the same venue as my colleague Vladimir Averin, who was competing in Judo (I was competing in Karate) every day meant that we rooted for each other and of course supported each other. But besides sharing this experience and celebrating the win together, the Games also gave us an opportunity to meet new people from other countries, see old friends, plan to meet again at the next Games!!

Now we will just have to relive it in our memories, looking at the pictures. chatting, blogging and waiting for the next competition!


What a Closing Ceremony!

By Volunteer, Anne MacOscar
The atmosphere was electric
at Titanic Slipways on Saturday night as a huge crowd of athletes, family members and
volunteers turned out at the Closing Ceremony of the 2013 World Police and FireGames. A fantastic evening was had, celebrating the success of the Games,
reliving memories and officially handing over the ‘Flame of Hope’ to the hosts
of the 2015 World Police and Fire Games, Fairfax.
I arrived at Titanic Slipways
just before 6.30pm and already there was huge crowd gathering, everyone wanting
to secure themselves a good vantage point to watch the fantastic closing
ceremony which lay ahead. Despite the best efforts of the rain early on in the
evening, the people in attendance did not let the weather dampen their spirits.
Instead they donned the blue ponchos, provided by the organising committee, and
got the party started…and what a party it was!
Much to the excitement of the
crowd, The Red Arrows flew over the Titanic Slipways to officially mark the
start of the 2013 World Police & Fire Games Closing Ceremony at 7.30pm.
This was followed by the
parade of volunteers – representatives of the 3,500 volunteers who helped to
make the Games such a huge success. There was no doubt that during the parade
the most enormous cheer of the evening was for the home team, Northern Ireland.


Throughout the ceremony, Sandy
Row Falcon Cheerleading Squad and the Open Arts Community Choir blew the crowds
away with spectacular performances, including a rendition of ‘What have you
done today to make you feel proud?’, dedicated to the volunteers. There was
also video footage of the volunteers hard at work throughout the Games and of
the Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run team on their journey throughout
Northern Ireland, in the lead up to the Games.
When the time came for
Belfast to hand over the World Police and Fire Games flag to the hosts of the
2015 Games, Fairfax, Minister of Culture Arts and Leisure, Carál NiChuilin was
on hand to do the honours.
The Flame of Hope then entered the slipways, carried
by a Special Olympics athlete and a member of the Law Enforcement Torch Run
team. They handed the torch over to a representative from Fairfax and so its
journey to its new home began. It received a fabulous send off from the people
of Belfast, whose sadness that the Games were over was almost forgotten when
the 2015 organising committee invited everyone to Fairfax!
The Closing Ceremony truly
was a spectacular event to mark the end of the 2013 World Police and Fire Games
in Belfast. During the 10 days of the Games, medals were won, friendships were
formed, marriage proposals were made (4 in total!) and best of all, the people
of Belfast definitely delivered the friendliest Games ever! It was fantastic to
have been involved – wishing all the athletes, their family and friends and all
of the travelling volunteers a safe journey home.