Egor Iakovlev Chelyabinsk – Russian Federal Bailiffs Service

It’s been a little over two months since we came back from the Games but to this day we still have this cheerful spirit; we are always in the great mood, telling all of our friends about our amazing trip and celebrating the big win!

Belfast is an incredible city; very beautiful, with lots of green parks, amazing architecture, friendly people, interesting tours and fun bars, which let us not only to compete in the great setting but also have an unforgettable vacation with family.

The colourful Opening Ceremony, perfect organisation of the whole competition, amazing helpful volunteers all created a comforting and very welcoming feeling from the beginning through to the very last day.

Being in the same venue as my colleague Vladimir Averin, who was competing in Judo (I was competing in Karate) every day meant that we rooted for each other and of course supported each other. But besides sharing this experience and celebrating the win together, the Games also gave us an opportunity to meet new people from other countries, see old friends, plan to meet again at the next Games!!

Now we will just have to relive it in our memories, looking at the pictures. chatting, blogging and waiting for the next competition!