Water sports are no doubt a great fun for thrill seekers of all sizes. No matter, you are a first timer or surfing for more than a decade now, be sure to equip yourself cap-a-pie with all the possible protections against harmful effects of the water including possibly silicone ear plugs. Wearing a wet suit might not be all that you need as a ready-to-go-pro surfer. It’s time to protect your other parts too, especially your water sensitive and reactive ears. However, this article will take you through the best surfing silicone ear plugs and other types, for a safe surfing experience.
surfers ear plugs silicone

Surfing ear plugs – do they work?

Recommended by the physicians and expert surfers globally, these plugs are the best choices when spending prolonged hours on the waves. They don’t just safeguard your ears against water, but also minimize the hearing disruptions. Engineered with the best-in-class technologies, these plugs come in different types, sizes and shapes to suit the bespoke needs of every surfer. They are light, and always snug without a single inconvenience, especially silicone ear plugs.
Heard about the surfer’s ear or exostosis? It’s a growth of bones in the ears, which happens in many surfers due to their prolonged contact with the water.
Fear not, the best surfing silicone ear plugs and other types can easily safeguard you against this mishap.

Surfers ear plugs:

All surfers ear protection plugs are now widely available everywhere. If you want to get one pair for yourself, it’s just a click away. They can vary in types and promises. For ex. PVC or PU made foam plugs easily get compressed into the canals and expanded to a good sealing protection.
But silicone ear plugs are mainly rolled into balls to create a custom fit for external coverage of the ear canal. These types of ear protections are rapidly gaining the eyes of the surfers due to their improved acoustic comfort and cutting edged water control mechanism.
However, if you want more choices and options, the following review aims to serve your purpose like no other. Here are the 5 best surfing ear plugs handpicked for your great buys as they claim to custom fit ears, ages and pockets of all sizes.

Surf ear plugs – 5 best types

So, here we go for a look inside the 5 best types of ear plugs for surfers…..

1> Thermoshape Earplugs

To start, these types of ear plugs are designed with flexible and tender thermoshape material and fit in the ears of aqua enthusiasts of all sizes. So, get ready to say goodbye to water, air and cold as this one-size-fits-all ear plugs prevent water from penetrating your ears immunizing you against infections and problems like surfer’s ear and others. These types premium quality ear plugs come with special filters to let you hear all conversations and ambient sounds.

thermoshape ear plugs for surfing

What’s more, these 100% silicone-free plugs have a small opening that can snugly fit your ears, giving your eardrums the maximum protection even during a fall in the water.

Best Features:

  • > Made from soft silicone free thermoshape material
  • > Special filter
  • > Water, cold and wind proof
  • > One-size-fits-all
  • > Minimum damping of sound
  • > Safeguards against infections, including surfer’s ear
  • > Prevents tearing of eardrum
  • > Zero irritating to skin
  • > Some come with storage pouches

2> Organic TPE Ear Plugs

Designed to give your ears a protective coverage against water and not sound, these types of TPE ear plugs are scientifically engineered to give you the maximum hearing comfort. Made from ultra soft organic materials, they are 100% allergy free and washable too. You can neatly fit them into your ear canal for fine tuning your surfing balance, equilibrium and protection against exostosis.
Some of these types, even come with removable leash, clip and mini hard storage case to prevent loss. What’s more, you can get ready for an optimized surfing experience as the removable advanced acoustic filter of these accessories will custom fit your requirement way better than the regular plugs.
Best Features:
  • > Tailored fit for custom comfort
  • > 100% allergy free
  • > Made of organic TPE material
  • > Ultra soft and comfortable
  • > Advanced acoustic filter optimized
  • > Does not block sound
  • > Different sizes available
  • > Leash and clips are optional

3> Vented Ear Plugs

Internationally recommended by the ENTs and the aqua athletes, these types of hypoallergenic and ultra soft ear plugs walk the extra miles to take care of your sensitive eardrums while surfing, especially when the water pressure changes abruptly. Most of them generally have a warm sack of air to help keep the water out from penetrating the canal, protect you against erosion of your delicate skin and cold exposure, and enhance your acoustic comfort.

vented silicone ear plugs

Made of plastic floats, these plugs can give a good protection against ear pains, water flushing or even the surfer’s ear issue by keeping your ear neatly dry down to 20 feet. in the water.

What’s more, some of these vented plugs are specially engineered with Scott’s valve technology to aid easy equalization.

Best Features:

  • > Fits well into the auricle for safety
  • > Doesn’t block canal
  • > Scott’s valve aides equalization at different levels of depth
  • > Protects ears against random pressure changes
  • > Best for sensitive eardrums
  • > Prevents ear pains and exostotis

4> High Functional Earplugs with Hydrophobic Coating on Mesh

These high quality and superior ear plugs are skyrocketing the list of the global surfers and water buffs now. These high functional accessories don’t just make a perfect seal against water, cold, wind, bacteria and other contaminants, but ensure zero sound discrepancy and a flawless balance needed in most of the aqua sports, including surfing. An extended sound canal made with hydrophobic coating makes room for your better hearing ability and amazing sound isolating capacity even under the water. Available in various sizes, these waterproof plugs are extremely easy donning and doffing.
silicone ear plugs for sleeping
What’s more, these professional types of plugs come with an improved gel or ear bud designs to fit in your ears with many points, and hence have less chances to hang loose from the ears.
Best Features:
  • > Soft, comfortable and zero fuss use
  • > Sizes available
  • > Water proof
  • > Protects against water, wind and dirt bacteria away
  • > Enhanced sound canal with hydrophobic coating
  • > Acoustic mesh
  • > Fixation wing
  • > Superior noise manipulation
  • > Tight and tacky grip
  • > Multi purpose usage
  • > Portable case available

5> Silicone Moulded Ear Plugs

Immaculately engineered to keep the water at bay, silicone plugs are the best sellers now. Specially tailored to fit both your ears, some even come with the highest quality unique Flex stem and triple-flange layout to increase your wearing comfort and water resistance capacity while you surf. Experience minimum hearing-knock with these pairs as they don’t block noise much, but only water, giving you zero uneasiness in the group of surfers and preventing diseases like surfer’s ear.
Some silicone plugs also let you adjust the depth of setting at varying levels for better comfort. Wash, reuse, but put them in the carrying case for a long shelve life. These plugs don’t deteriorate like others easily.
Best Features:
  • > Durable
  • > High quality design
    > Locked-in-fit for better safety
  • > Has a flex stem
    > Triple-flange lay out
    > Ultra soft and ultra comfortable
    > Pre-molded Silicone
    > Extended wear capacity
  • > 100% Silicon
    > Custom fit for both the ears
    > Hollow stem ensures the acoustic accuracy to the maximum possible extent
    > Storage case available
    > Comes in many colors
    > Aids prevent surfer’s ear

Surf silicone ear plugs:

Coming to the SURFING SILICONE EAR PLUGS, you just can’t afford to miss the DreamHeaven noise cancelling ear plugs, the best accessory that fits all purposes, especially while you are exposed to rough and cold air or water.

Made of silicone, these plugs can guarantee the best noise control when properly inserted into the ears. Surfers with air sensitivities should look no further, but grab these pairs for their highest NRR reduction.

silicone ear plugs

Let’s take a quick look inside some of its stunning features…
  • > 100% noise blocking up to 30 DB
  • > An ergonomic design with soft, moulded silicone to custom fit all types of ears
  • > Painless
  • > Don’t fall
  • > Lay flat
  • > Versatile noise sealer for multipurpose usage
  • > A sleep mask is available with the pack of 2 earplugs
noise canceling silicone ear plugs
The best thing about this ear protection accessory is, you can use them both inside and outside the water, including offices, library, airports and home where you need some quiet time.
While the above mentioned SURFING SILICONE EAR PLUGS and other types are religiously skimmed off the top recommendations, ratings and reviews, there are still many that can give you a fitting end while surfing. Select them based on their stunning grips, state-of-the-art features, superior safety controls, and most importantly the manufacturer guarantee. So, choose, compare and shop a pair of ear plugs today and use on your next surfing adventure. Playing safe with your ears could not be any better.